Currently working at Smart Monkeys, Inc!

In June 2019, I started with Smart Monkeys, Inc as a Project Engineer specializing in show control. I program Medialon, Alcorn McBride, Q-Sys and create custom applications in Node-RED and with LUA scripts.

Many projects are under NDA so are not included here. Please reach out for some examples of non-NDA projects.

Dubai Parks and Resorts - On-site Application Engineer

Location: Dubai Parks and Resort - Dubai, UAE
Company: 4Wall Entertainment

I worked for four months as an on-site application engineer for 4Wall Entertainment at Motiongate Park and Bollywood Park. Before arriving on site, I helped engineer dimmer and DMX schedules and kept paperwork in sync with any changes made in the design. While on site, I helped supervise the installation of lighting equipment, updated the as-built paperwork, and troubleshooted any problems that arose. I also programmed ETC Mosaic and Paradigm controllers and ETC Eos lighting consoles for various attractions.

Custom Scripts

Company: 4Wall

I am always trying to find ways to be more lazy efficient. One of my favorite ways of doing that is writing scripts and programs that speed up repetitive tasks and reduce manual work. I've written scripts that auto-populate DMX address schedules from CAD files. I've also automated cutsheet creation at 4Wall; my script saves several minutes per cutsheet which really adds up when you're doing hundreds of them. I'm always looking for ways to leverage technology to speed up tasks so that I and my coworkers can spend more time working on the projects that really need a human touch.

Cut Sheet Express - GUI for automatic cutsheet creator
A sample of  the created cutsheet

Enchanted Forest of Light - On-site Systems Engineer

Location: Descanso Gardens - La CaƱada Flintridge, California
Company: 4Wall

The Enchanted Forest of Light is an event held at Descanso Gardens and was designed by Chris Medvitz with Lightswitch. They wanted to add some custom rotary controllers guests could spin to change the color on the trees in front of them. To accomplish this, I designed and programmed a custom Arduino that received a control signal from the rotary encoder and sent an Art-Net signal to the lighting controller.

I was also brought on as an on-site Systems Engineer to help troubleshoot the custom lighting pieces and provide additional programming support for the pixel-mapped art pieces. One of the pieces included over 3000 LED tulips pixel-mapped on ELM. Previous years required several nights of manually mapping each LED tulip on ELM. I wrote a script that allowed us to map the LED pixels in a matter of minutes. This allowed us to finish this part of the project several days ahead of schedule.

Rotary Controller in action

Pixel Mapped LED Tulips

The ELM pixel mapper script GUI

Master Electrician and Programmer

Location: Brigham Young University - Provo, UT

While at BYU, I've been the Master Electrician and programmer for several arena shows and have worked with artists such as Colbie Caillat, David Archuleta, and Kristin Chenoweth. I programmed these shows on an ETC Eos Ti. Additionally, I have worked on dance concerts and theatrical shows in various venues ranging from a black box theater to a 1,300 seat concert hall.

LED Clock Programming

Location: Brigham Young University - Provo, UT
Designer: Marianne Ohran

For BYU's recent production of Wonderland, a large clock was used a scenic piece. I supervised the installation of the hundreds of LEDs that outlined the clock. Additionally, as the programmer, I pixel-mapped the LEDs on an ETC EOS Ti lighting console, and I programmed the effects used in the show.

Automatic Followspot Graduate Project

Location: Brigham Young University - Provo, UT

For the final project in a graduate robotic vision class, a classmate and I designed an automatic followspot. We mounted a phone with a custom app that we created onto a moving light. The app processed the phone's camera feed and sent OSC commands to an ETC lighting console to keep the moving light centered on a person as they moved about.